Size Guide
At Paychi Guh, we believe sizing relates not only to your physical build, but also to your preference when dressing. The size range of each Paychi Guh cashmere piece is carefully considered in order to bring you ultimate comfort with a flattering fit.
Regular fitting & slightly loose fitting styles:

We offer the regular size range (XS, S, M, L) for styles designed to fit closer to the body and for slightly loose fitting styles with a normal shoulder fit. We suggest you start with your normal size in these styles.

  0/2   4/6   8/10   12/+
Relaxed fitting & oversized styles:

Relaxed fitting styles and oversized styles come in 2 or 3 sizes. In both cases, the fit of the sweater relates mainly to “the attitude” it creates when worn. “The attitude” comes from you, the wearer, and how the sweater drapes on your body, starting from your shoulders and then your chest. Therefore, when choosing your Paychi Guh sweater size, go with how you would like the specific sweater to fit you in general.

If you are in between sizes and debating what the better size is for you, consider the following:

If you like extra ease and/or slightly longer length, go for the bigger size.
If you have more square shoulders or wider shoulders, you could go for the bigger size.
If you have a more masculine build, you could go for the bigger size.
If you have narrower or sloppier shoulders, you may want to go for the smaller size.

Another critical point to think about when choosing the right size sweater is the fit at biceps/armhole areas. When you have the sweater on, you should feel very comfortable without noticing the armhole seams when you move your arms performing daily activities. This fit point relates to the circumference of your entire upper chest area (think of the action of hugging yourself). Therefore, if you are in between sizes, you could take the bigger size if you have bigger upper arms, thicker upper chest, and wider back.

  0/2/4   4/6/8 8/10/12/+
0/2/4/6/8 8/10/12/+
Oversized styles without fitting biceps & Accessories:

We offer O/S for oversized styles when the designs are very roomy through the body without constraints at arms and biceps.  Accessories, including scarves and beanies, are also one size.

One Size Fits Most