The only information we collect from you is the bare minimum we need for our site to function and to ship any products you order from us.  This information is NEVER shared with any other company or person, with the exception of our payment processing company, PayPal.

Cookies & Session IDs:  Cookies are simply harmless alphanumeric identifier codes.  If you use our online store, the software that runs the store may store cookies, or other types of session IDs, on your computer to keep track of your shopping session, and to maintain the products in your cart for immediate, or future, checkout.  This information is necessary for the software to function properly, and is never seen by any people, nor is it shared with any other company, or used in any other way.  Your browser has privacy settings which allow you to determine how it handles cookies.  While you may choose to disable cookies for this site, please be aware that our online store software may not work properly if you do so.

Affiliate Sites:  Other sites may provide affiliate links to our site, which may contain a simple tracking ID code within the link so that we may properly credit them for the referral.  The operators of the other sites can use our store software to view their affiliate statistics, but we do NOT share any type of identifying information about our customers with our affiliates, or any other sites.  All they can see in our software is how many people clicked on their links to our site, and how many items were ordered.

E-Mail:  Your e-mail information is ONLY collected when you place an order through our online store, sign up for our mailing list, or if you contact us via e-mail.  Your e-mail is NOT stored in any type of mailing list unless you specifically sign up for our mailing list and properly respond to the verification e-mail (so that nobody else can sign up your e-mail without your knowledge).  You may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.  We NEVER give out e-mail addresses to any other company or person.  However, our payment processing company, PayPal, requires an e-mail address to process your payments to us.  Please refer to PayPal’s own privacy policies for information on how they use your e-mail address.

Mailing Address:  We must collect your mailing address information in order to send you any products you order through our online store, and to calculate sales tax.  Our store software must also pass this information onto our payment processing company, PayPal.  All of this is done through encrypted secure SSL software connections.

Payment Processing Through PayPal:  We use PayPal to process our payments.  In order for them to process the payments, they must collect certain information from you.  Please refer to PayPal’s privacy policies to see how they use the information.


All orders placed directly from Paychi Guh are processed by PayPal, with either PayPal Standard Payments, or in the background with PayPal Payments Pro.

With the industry’s most-advanced encryption, fraud prevention, and Buyer and Seller Protection Policies, PayPal is dedicated to keeping your account safe and secure.

Click here for more information on online ordering security direct from the PayPal site.

Credit Card & Bank Account Information:  Our own online order system encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).

If you choose PayPal Standard payments, our site only asks for your address information for billing and shipping, and passes that information to the PayPal payment processing system using the same encrypted SSL connection. Only PayPal sees your credit card or checking account information. The only information we see is whether or not the transaction was successful along with your e-mail and physical address information so that we may ship the products to you as well as let you know the status of your order.

If you choose to pay directly via Credit Card (which uses PayPal Payments Pro to process the order in the background), your credit card information is encrypted and transmitted securely using SSL.  Your credit card information is NOT stored on our server.  Only PayPal sees your credit card information.  The only information we see is whether or not the transaction was successful along with your e-mail and physical address information so that we may ship the products to you as well as let you know the status of your order.