Feather Print Bateau | Worsted Cashmere | Autumn Multi


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Combining the strikingly beautiful print design, subtle surface textures, and the relaxed fitting asymmetrical shape, the Feather Print Bateau is that one-of-a-kind piece to treasure for years to come.

Knitted diagonally in high quality worsted cashmere off gauge, the sweater has a luxurious soft hand feel and drapes nicely to flatter various body types. A high slit on one side, slim fitting sleeves in solid contrasting color, and the asymmetrical cut make the pullover fun to style and look special from all angles.

Made in Inner Mongolia, China.

XS/S: Body length is 22″ – 25 3/4″ at front, 22 3/4” at center front and back; Chest is 41 1/2″.
S/M: Body length is 23 1/4″ – 26 1/4″ at front, 23 1/4” at center front and back; Chest is 44 1/2″.
M/L: Body length is 23 1/2″ – 27 1/4″ at front, 24 1/4” at center front and back; Chest is 48″.

100% worsted Mongolian cashmere and premium Mongolian cashmere.
2/48’s. 12 gauge, 1 end. & 2/26’s. 7 gauge, 1 end.

Hand wash in cool water recommended. Dry cleanable.