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Introduced in Fall 2021 to Paychi Guh, the baby cashmere has already gained loyalty and high praises from many cashmere lovers. This precious 100% baby cashmere yarn, made with the finest underfleece (finer than 14 μm, about 1/4 thickness of human hair) of 3- to 8-month-old baby cashmere goats from Inner Mongolia, only gathered each spring once in their lifetime, takes softness and everyday indulgence to the next level.

The rare, refined yarn count of 2/42’s further elevates the beauty and drapability of these baby cashmere pieces. This highly specialized manufacturing process of the cashmere factory is awarded with Organic Certification by ECOCERT.

Knitted with 2 ends of this precious yarn in 10 gauge, the luxe weight baby cashmere has an incredible handfeel, supple with substance for extra coziness. It is still light, soft, and breathable to pamper you at any cool days for seasons to come.

The easy fitting Baby Cashmere V features a simple shape and is great to dress up or down and perfect to layer. The fun contrast linking color highlights the flattering neckline. Two different pop colors placed at other exposed seams makes the piece extra special.

Side seams are moved to the back with two small slits to frame the beautifully textured back panel. You can also wear the sweater front to back as a bateau neck sweater, with the textured panels in the front and the V neck at the back.

Made in Inner Mongolia, China.

XS: Body length is 22 1/2″, Chest is 36 1/2″.
S: Body length is 23″, Chest is 38 1/2″.
M: Body length is 23 1/2″; Chest is 40 1/2″.
L: Body length is 24 1/4″; Chest is 43″.

100% baby cashmere.
2/42’s. 10 gauge. 2 ends. Luxe weight.

Hand wash in cool water recommended. Dry cleanable.