Everyday Indulgence.
Dreamy Cashmere
Dreamy Cashmere, a beautiful air-jetted 100% novelty cashmere yarn, is luxuriously soft and unimaginably lightweight. Sweaters made with the dreamy cashmere drape beautifully on various body types and provide warmth and ultimate comfort for those cool days. No wonder the Dreamy Cashmere sweaters have been the most desirable pieces from Paychi Guh collection season after season.
100% Baby Cashmere
These incredibly soft cashmere pieces are made with the finest underfleece of baby cashmere goats from Inner Mongolia. Only gathered each spring from 3- to 8-month-old baby goats once in their lifetime, this ultra-fine fibre is extremely precious.

Experience elevated comfort and understated luxury with baby cashmere.

100% Premium Cashmere
Only the best quality cashmere yarn is selected to make Paychi Guh sweaters. The 100% premium 2-ply Inner Mongolian cashmere yarns are used singularly or plied together to create a variety of sweaters different in weight and fit to be part of your wardrobe staples for seasons to come. Hand wash is recommended and dry cleanable.
100% Worsted Cashmere
Only the longest and finest cashmere fibers can be used for worsted cashmere yarn. Lightweight and breathable, the worsted cashmere sweater is the softest and the most comfortable thing you will love for everyday indulgence.