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S129R Cocoon Cardigan | Dreamy Cashmere | Charcoal

S129R Cocoon Cardigan | Dreamy Cashmere | Charcoal


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Made with the luxurious and yummy dreamy cashmere, the Cocoon Cardigan is the go-to cardigan you want to be bundled up in this season. The dreamy cashmere is an air-jetted novelty yarn, which is fluffy and chunky looking yet surprisingly lightweight and lofty.

This no-closure cocoon cardigan wraps around your body nicely without shoulder or armhole seams. The elongated rib sleeves can be pushed up, pulled down, or folded, depending on your styling preference. The side pockets are positioned beautifully with the cardigan’s style lines for the extra warmth.
Exposed seams are highlighted with contrast stitching.

Available in Charcoal, Musk, and Mist.

100% Dreamy Cashmere.
5 gauge.
Hand wash in cool water recommended. Dry cleanable.