Cashmere. Everyday Indulgence.

F34 Poncho | Navy/Grey


Let this sophisticated two-way poncho, made with 3 ply of high quality cashmere yarn, keep you cozy on the cold winter days. Unlike the traditional square poncho, the Poncho features an asymmetrical silhouette with a curved hem on one side. On the opposite side, the hidden button closure creates an adjustable side slit opening for a flattering fit.

Made with links-links stitch to stand tall but away from your neck, the wide cowl neck gives you warmth and that chic look without making you too hot. You could also turn this piece into a tunic dress by wearing the poncho sideways. The hidden button closure now sits at your left shoulder and the wide cowl neck becomes one of the sleeves.

Available in Solid Black or Navy/Light Grey, the Poncho is designed with raised and variegated texture for added surface interest. The Navy/Light Grey also features marled stripes created using the plaiting technique.

100% Mongolian Cashmere.
5 gauge. 3 ply.