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F170 Mock Neck Pullover | Dreamy Cashmere | Mist

F170 Mock Neck Pullover | Dreamy Cashmere | Mist


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The Mock Neck Pullover is made with the luxurious air-jetted novelty cashmere yarn; it is fluffy and chunky looking yet surprisingly lightweight and lofty.

Six body panels with various rib and jersey surface textures are uniquely linked together to create this asymmetrically-shaped sweater that is intriguing from all angles. In addition to the side slit, the front body with a high-low design has another slit at panel join.

The longer center back panel in a horizontal rib design has a beautiful, flattering curve at the bottom. The short mock neck will drape differently based on wearer’s shoulder. Exposed seams are highlighted with contrast stitching.

Available in Charcoal, Musk, and Mist.

100% Dreamy Cashmere.
5 gauge.
Hand wash in cool water recommended. Dry cleanable.

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